With the help of a few free extensions you can have an enterprise code coverage experience without the cost.

In this article I’ll take you through setting up and your development environment so that you can easily see what code is covered by your unit tests which ones aren’t, and view some statistics too. Normally this requires Visual Studio Enterprise which for many developers and businesses is prohibitively expensive, but here I’ll show you how to do this on any edition of Visual Studio (I’m using 2019), including the completely free community edition using tools that are freely available.

The three extensions we will use

To set up our dev environment we’re going to use the following

  1. Report Generator
  2. Coverlet
  3. Run Coverlet Report by me

Setting Up

Setting up Report Generator

Chris Dexter

Software Engineer and martial artist with 25+ years industry experience. Passionate about Domain Driven design and TDD. Currently focusing on micro-services.

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